Constantine Smith letter to John Norton, 1768 August 12


Constantine Smith letter to John Norton, 1768 August 12



Constantine Smith letter to John Norton, merchant of London. Smith writes to inform Norton that he is unable to ship him tobacco because it was a very bad year for the crop but hopes to send some if the frost doesn't ruin it. Smith informs that he believes Mr. Edward Cary has settled Smith's debt with Norton but if not he should like to be informed of it.


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Virginia ye: 12th of Agt. 1768


I Recev'd yours and am Sorry it's
not in my Power to let you have a hhd
of Tobo: by your Ship as the Scarsety of
Plants this last year Prevented many
People from makeing any Tobo: over their
levys and my Self among the Rest, if I had
made any Tobo: wou'd have gladly Sent it to
you we have a Prospect at this time of
makeing Tobo: Shou'd the frost stay away
till late in the faul as the [generacety] of
the Tobo: is latter if I Shou'd make any
worth while I believe Shall Send it
to you hopeing it may Sell better then
the last hhd which I think was a low Price
And as for the Ball. I am indebted to you of
£2:11:2 I am Sorry it's not Paid which I Do
Asshore you is not my fault and I thought
it was Paid as I Spoke to Mr. Edward
Cary who Promiss'd me he wou'd Pay it
and Since I Receiv'd yours I Saw him at
our last King & Queen Court and then he
told me that he had Settled for it, and
Paid it. if it's not Satisfied Please to let me
Know it and then I will Pay it to your

I am yr Sir Very humble
Conse Smith

I wish you all happyness;
and good luck in all your

Address leaf

Mr. John Norton

Virginia 12th. Augst 1768
Constantine Smith
Rec'd ye. 24th October
p Capt Robertson

Ansd the Mar. 1769
p Briliant

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Smith, Constantine, b. 1717, “Constantine Smith letter to John Norton, 1768 August 12,” John Norton & Sons Papers, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, accessed May 25, 2022,