Edmund Randolph letter to John Hatley Norton, 1790 December 6


Edmund Randolph letter to John Hatley Norton, 1790 December 6



Edmund Randolph, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, letter to John Hatley Norton, Winchester, Virginia, dated December 6, 1790. Randolph writes concerning the relationship between Courtenay Norton and Warner Lewis Jr.


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Philadelphi Decr. 6. 1790.

My dear sir -

This morning Mr. Dinwiddie delivered
me your letters, and the two haunches. We are much
obliged to you for them.

I have had no intercourse with
young W. L., since I received your last upon the
subject, and wrote to him in the usual manner as
to the necessity of his father's consent. It has been
said, that he has intended to come hither for
some months past. I suppose that he has accoun-
ted for the delay to C; but I can hear nothing
from him. The affair is mysterious to us; but
does not seem to make any impression upon
her. So that I presume upon a perfect under-
standing as subsisting between the parties. I
have often thought of writing to the old gentle-
man; and this I shall do, unless and ecclaircisse-
ment comes in due season. You will readily believe,
that so definitive a step, as that which is on
the tongue of report, would never be assented
to by us without your approbation.

I am my dear sir
yr. sincere friend
Edm: Randolph.

When W. L: first wrote to me
I answered him, as you know.
His berbal reply thro' Lewis
Nicholas was that his father
had consented.

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Mr. Page is not yet come.

John H. Norton esqr

Mr. Dinwiddie

Phila. 6 Decr 1790
Edmd. Randolph
Recd. Decr - Answd.

inclosed is a Letter
from Warner Lewis
to Edmd. Randolph
dated 22d. Decr. 1790

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Ink on paper


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