L. Hutchins letter to his brother Fred, 1878 March 22



L. Hutchins letter to his brother Fred, 1878 March 22



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Garland March 22nd 1878

Dear Brother Fred,

Your dear Mother
died last night a little
before nine o'clock

She has been gradually
sinking ever since you left
home; and it was thought
some ten days ago that she
was dying; but she rallied and
lived until last evening.

I have called on her fre-
quently and she has always
been firm in her trust in
God, and has been patiently
waiting the hour of his release
from suffering; and now she
has gone to be at rest with
Christ, whom she loved so

She was conscious as long
as she could speak; and even after
the power of speech was gone
she recognized friends, and
knew what was said to her.

In the forenoon yesterday
she seemed to be in considerable
distress; but in the afternoon
she was more quiet and quite
free from pain the most of
the time. I was in at five
o'clock; and they told her that
I was there, and she roused
up and knew what I said
to her for a moment or so,

and then seemed unconscious
again. I went in again at eight
o'clock and saw that she was
passing over the river

She continued to breathe short-
er until a little before nine
when she finally stopped breath-
ing and sweetly rested in the
arms of her blessed Savior

You will feel lonely and
sad; but under the circums-
stances you could not wish
her to live longer; for if she
had lived longer, it would
only been suffering longer.

You have great reason to
be thankful that God gave you
such a good mother; and also
that he spared her to you until
you are grown up to manhood.

May God bless you is my
earnest prayer.

I trust you will be a good
faithful Christian; and follow
that mother as she followed
Christ. I trust that the coun-
sel she gave you will serve as a
guide to your feet in days to come.

Your Father is quite slim
now: and seems to be rather on
the decline, as I should think.

Frank and his wife; and Thom-
as are at home.

They are all wishing that you
were here with them now.

Let this thought always cheer
you; "that your dear Mother is at
rest in the better land."

The funeral is to be to-mor-
row after noon.

You must write your folks
as soon as you can.

I write you by their re-
quest; for they do not feel
as though they could write
much just now.

I should be glad to hear from
you. Remember us to Brother & Sister
Johnson. Yours L. Hutchins

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