List of sundries to be shipd from London by Messrs. John Norton & Son on the proper acct. & risque of Robt Hart


List of sundries to be shipd from London by Messrs. John Norton & Son on the proper acct. & risque of Robt Hart


List of goods to be sent to Robert Hart enclosed with the letter of March 7,1771.


Hart & Marshall (Firm)


John Norton and Sons Papers, MS 1936.3


Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation




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List of Sundries to be shipd from London by Messrs. John
Norton & Son on the proper Acct. & Risque of Robt. Hart

3 Looking Glasses in plain Mahogany Frames without [illegible]
or Gilding 14 Inches by 24 - 3 Do. 17 Inches by 32
1 Plain Mahogany Tea Chest with Silver or platted mounting
½ doz fashionable White platted Candlesticks
3 pr. Brass Sconces for the sides of Chimneys for Single Candles
3 or 4 doz of the most fashionable pictures for Rooms in plain
frames with glasses & without Gilding
A Sett of the best Geographical Maps without frames or Staffs
Value about 30/ or 40/
3 doz Mezotint Prints without Frames or Glasses
A Small Camera Obscura with 3 or 4 doz of Perspective prints
without frames mostly colloured and different Views from
the above glazed ones
A Pocket Thermometer in a Shagreen Case with Screws to
take it out an put it in with
12 L.. Almonds in the Shell 2 Jarrs best Plumbs and
1 Jarr of Currants 1 Small Jarr of Capers
1/2 doz Damask Table Cloths 8/4 by 10/4
1 doz do Napkins
2 doz neat printed Cambric handkfs
3 ps neat dark grounded India Chintz fine
2 ps. grounded Callicae fit for Bed & Window Curtains
32 yd. each not to exceed 4/
1 full peice of neat fashionable flowred Silk not to exceed
6/ or 6/6 p yard 6 ps. fashionable Ribbon
A peice of Green Baize or some such thing for under covers
for Tables

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½ doz Ladies Hatts with Feathers
2 pr. Womens neat Stone Shoe Buckles in Cases
2 Setts fashionable Earrings & Necklaces not to exceed 25/or 30/
1 doz fashionable White Wax necklaces 1 doz collored Do
1 doz Black Velvett Collars flowred with white Beads
1 doz smal Black Bead Necklaces
½ doz Bent paste Combs for Ladies Hair on Tortoise Shell
1 doz Plain Bent Do of Tortoise shell 1 doz best horn Do
1 doz Pocket Tortoise Shell Combs with single cases
1 doz Box combs with Cases
1 doz best comb brushes 1 doz Do. tooth brushes
2 M best White chapel neeldes (Sharps) Sorted of all Sizesbut mostly small
1 doz pr. Neat Scizars with cases
3 Lucars best Knives with Two Blades one a pen knife and
the other large for pocket use, 3 Do. with four Blades
½ doz small neat Morrocco pocket books with good Instruments
½ doz small Ass skin memorandum books
A Few of the Late most esteemed Plays & Pamphlets
½ doz Books intitled The Rule of Life
½ doz .............. Oconomy of Human Life
½ ............. Present for an Apprentice
A Collection of the newest and most esteemed Songs ..
6 pair neat Womens Leather Shoes & pumps }from 9¼ to 9¾
6 pair         Do. Black Callimancae Shoes }Inches Long
6 pair Do mens plain Shoes & 4 pr. Dress Do. 10½ Indhes
2 pair Mens half boots or Rather Snow Shoes, Single [illegible]
[illegible] to buckle & Lace up before one pair 10 Inches
the other 10½ Inches Long

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1 doz pair Womens Large White Kid Gloves
1 doz pair colloured Do 1 doz Marquisate & other Sprigs for
Ladies Hair - ½ doz fashionable fanns with Cases
A Compleat Sett of fashionable China viz Tea & Coffee
Equipage, 9 dishes sorted ½ doz Soup and 1 doz Shallon Table
plates 1 doz Breakfast plates and an Assortment of Bowls
All of the same sort or as near as may be unless the price
should be high which I cannot afford
2 Japann'd Tea Boards 2 Do Fruit Dishes 2 Do Bread
baskets 3 do. large waiters 3 do. Small Do
½ doz wickered bread baskets
3 plate Baskets Lined 3 Knive Baskets do.
A Strong Portmanteau Trunk for a Pole Chair Thirty
Six or 38 Inches Long narrow in proportion to its Length not
of Seal skin because of the worms but waterproof and with a very good Lock
Another of the same kind a size smaller
I am in want of a good Large Strong Iron Bound Chest
with a Good Lock in which you'l please to have the above
articles or as many as it will hold of the small ones pack'd
2 Casks best bottled Porter

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Hart & Marshall (Firm), “List of sundries to be shipd from London by Messrs. John Norton & Son on the proper acct. & risque of Robt Hart,” John Norton & Sons Papers, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, accessed August 18, 2018,