John McGeorge letter to John Norton, 1771 March 23


John McGeorge letter to John Norton, 1771 March 23


John McGeorge letter to John Norton, merchant of London, England, concerning the tobacco trade. McGeorge, representing the Glasgow firm of John Stewart and Company, writes that he is sending 180 hogheads of tobacco to Norton for sale in the London market. McGeorge expresses the company's desire that this will be a regular practice and that the seller of their tobacco will also provide return shipments of goods.


McGeorge, John


John Norton and Sons Papers, MS 1936.3


Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation




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Hanover Town 23d March 1771


In consequence of an agreement and Consultation
with Mr John H Norton, I have now Inclosed you, an Invoice of 180 hhds
Tobacco ship't on board the Juno Capt John McCunn w.g 197736 on the
proper accot and Risque of Messrs. John Stewart and Company Merchants in
Glasgow Mark'd IS addrest to your care for Sales and returns, which hope will
come to a good market, as she is among the first Vessells dispatch'd from this Colo.
for your port since the beginning of November, the latest advices from England
still continue to give Encouragement, and upon a survey of this Cargo, you'll I make
no doubt find it to merit the first price at market from the quality; should
this adventure turn out to our advantage, it may very probably be an inducement
to promote a Correspondence hereafter, as the present Company have som Intention
of Shipping about the same quantity annually for London; your attention to
their Interest in rendering sales satisfactory, will be the most prevailing motive
to continue and enlarge the Connexion. Mr J H Norton who is now at
York will inclose and forward you a bill of Lading, he has been signifying
his desire of having what orders for Goods we may be in want of, each season
from your port; our Company have been wrote to and advis'd upon this subject,
what their determination will be, is not as yet fix'd, but may with some degree
of Certainty inform you that whoever has the management and Disposal of
their Tobacco, will also be apply'd to for the purchase of their Goods, tho' the amot.
Yearly is generally under one Thousand pounds Sterling which is Inconsiderable
and we expect the utmost pains will be taken to procure them on the best
Terms and Quality, being in a Different situation from the planters who
only give you directions for such Goods as they Consume in their own Family

I am
Your most hble. Servt.
John McGeorge

Mr John Norton

Mr John Norton
in London

P The Juno
Capt McCunn

Virg. 23d. March 1771
John McGeorge
Rd. 20th May 1771 Ex:d
P Capt. McCunn
Ansd the 29th May
P Virginia

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McGeorge, John, “John McGeorge letter to John Norton, 1771 March 23,” John Norton & Sons Papers, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, accessed August 18, 2018,