John Page letter to John Norton, 1771 July 31


John Page letter to John Norton, 1771 July 31


John Page Jr. letter to John Norton, merchant of London, England. Page writes to order goods on a separate invoice and to complain about the difficulties he is having with his tobacco farming which may necessitate the sale of some of his slaves.


John Norton and Sons Papers, MS 1936.3


Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation




Folder 44



Rosewell July ye 31st. 1771

Dear Sir

I understand that Captn. Esten will sail
in a Day or two, & have snatched this Opportunty.
to send you the inclosed Invoice; by sending the
Articles contained in it, by the first Ship to York
River, you will lay me under an additional
Obligation. My Crop has again fallen extremely
short, as I told you in my Last. I have not yet
received a Shilling from Kennon. Col. Burwell
has begun to sell, but I begin to fear, I shall
get nothing from him this Year or two yet.
I have applied very earnestly to my Father for
the rest of his Quarters in Gloster, but have not
yet received an Answer from him : should he
not comply with it my Request, I shall think myself bound to
sell some of my Negros; & this I should the rather
do as I have at present but a bad Prospect of a
Crop of Tobo. which has suffered very much from
the late excessive heavy Rains we have had.

When you recollect my first Letters full of an Abhorrence
of Extravagance & Debt; & my others full of fair Promises
& large Expectations, I fear you begin to suspect my
Honour, & that you do not consider how far the most
strict Oconomy at Rosewell must exceed the Nett
Proceed of about fourteen thousand lb Tobo. pr. Anm.
(which I think is nearly what I have made on an
Average for 5 Years past.) & that you do not consi=
=deer that I might well expect to make three times
that Quantity of Tobo. as I have more than three times
that Number of good Hands in ye Crop, but from the good
Prices you have given me for my Tobo. & gentele behavi=
=our to me my Fears subside; & I hope always to deserve
your Confidence, & will endeavour to remove as soon
as in my Power all Possibility of Suspicion.


I am dr. Sir wishing you your Lady & Family all possible
Happiness. your Friend & much obliged hble. Serv. John Page Junr.

Virga. 31st. July 1771
Jno Page Junr
Recd. the 11th Octr. Ex'd

Goods Entd. pa. 51
Ansd the 7 Decr
P Justitia

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Page, John, 1744-1808, “John Page letter to John Norton, 1771 July 31,” John Norton & Sons Papers, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, accessed January 15, 2019,