John Randolph letter to John Worrall, 1771 August 26


John Randolph letter to John Worrall, 1771 August 26


John Randolph, Attorney General of Virginia, letter to John Worrall, bookseller of London, England. Randolph writes to order several law books and to complain that his past orders have not been filled.


John Norton and Sons Papers, MS 1936.3


Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation




Folder 45



Williamsburg, Virginia.
August 26. 1771.


I have twice been dissap-
pointed in recieving some Books, which from your Advertize
ments, I expected I shou'd certainly have been supplied with.
I want Hardwicks Reports, publish'd by John Tracy Atkyns
Esqr of Lincolns Inn in 3 Volumes.
also Burrows Reports. I understand there are 4 Folio Volumes
of Burrows; if so, send them all in, or more, if publish'd. Likewise
the whole of Atkyn's Reports, if there shou'd be any more
than 3 Volumes publish'd.

Some Years ago one Melmoth advertized that he shoud publish some Reports in Equity.
If they are come out, send them in also. If these Reports are
under any other Name, omit sending them, because it is
probable I have them already.

I beg of you to procure me the following Volumes of Vines.

Let them be letterd in
this Manner. Vines abridgment
  9 including from Dismes to Error Di. Er.
10. From Error to Executions inclusive Er. Ex.
11. From Executions to extraparochial Ex. Extra
12. Upon Evidence Evid
23. Index to the Cases & Titles Index
24. Alphabetical & Index of principal Matters. Alphabet

I hope I shall not be Disappointed again. Your exact Compliance
will very much recommend you to the Gentlemen of ye Law
in this Country. Mr. Norton, Merchant will do me the Favour to
pay you for the above. If my new Books in the Law shou'd be
hereafter publish'd, send them in, as they come out to Sr
Your very humb. Servt. John Randolph

Virginia. Augt. 26 71
Mr. Randolph

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Randolph, John, 1727 or 1728-1784., “John Randolph letter to John Worrall, 1771 August 26,” John Norton & Sons Papers, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, accessed January 15, 2019,