Charles Grymes letter to John Hatley Norton, 1793 October 6



Charles Grymes letter to John Hatley Norton, 1793 October 6





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York October 6th : 1793

Mr. John H Norton

Dear Sir,

On Sunday last I wrote you from this place
since which I have received your two favours of the
9th & 22d September —— I have just returned from
Williamsburg where I have been ever since the Distric
Court began & I have now to acquaint you
the result of our business in that quarter. In
the first place I have the pleasure to in-
form you that we obtained a judgement
against Harwoods Estate for £257.7. of which I
am well advised is a good judgment. Your other
suits in that court were none of them try’d
for the following reasons, when the suit vs
Powels [illegible] was called, it was prov’d in court that Mrs. Powels witness’s were sick by which reason
the court had that suit laid over from such day
to time day, for the defendants to procure their wit-
ness, Mr. Wickam would not consent to the
trial of any of the other suits (except that against
Harwood ]illegible]: ) untill the one against Powels [illegible]
was decided; however on friday last the fami-
ly determined to let the causes lie over to the
next term upon his having leave granted
him to alter his replications in all the [illegible]
when B_ debt is plead, by which means
he says, the Juries here will have nothing
more to do than to fix the [illegible] & by attaching
accounts he can afterward get his judgment in a

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higher court. I did not object to any of his measures
because I knew you put great confidence in my opinion
& because too they appeared to me to be the best he could pur-
sue, I wish we could have gone into the trial of more
of them than we did because I was well prepared
with all my witness’s. I was obliged to him a carriage
& Horse’s & to carry Reynolds from York & pay all
his espences in Williamsburg. &c. &c.

Tomorrow I go to Gloster Court, after which I imme-
diately return to Richmond where I expect to be
by Wednesday next: —— I am now waiting for a
letter from you which I expect is in Williamsburg
as you inform’d me you should direct to me
in that place by the last part, if it is there
I shall get it this day ——

I am informed the family at Warner
Hall are all well. I am Sire your forever
& most: Obedient: Humble Servant

Charles Grymes

PS I will try to procure
the articles, mentioned in
your last for Miss A: C: N

Before signing & sealing It is to be understood that the
said J H Norton is not to be called on by the said [?]
such part of
his items or asignees to warrant any other Title to the pre-
mises herein mentioned than what he the said JH Norton [?]
had made to him by the [Gov. Adm. of [?] of Law Geo:]

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John H Norton Esqr


Oct 6. 1793.

Charles Grymes


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Grymes, Charles, “Charles Grymes letter to John Hatley Norton, 1793 October 6,” John Norton & Sons Papers, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, accessed November 28, 2022,