Anne Nicholas letter to John Norton, 1771 July 22


Anne Nicholas letter to John Norton, 1771 July 22


Anne Carter Nicholas letter to John Norton, merchant of London, England. Nicholas writes to complain about the quality of goods sent her, to specify the quality of the Bible and Book of Common Prayer she wants and to request the goods listed in a separate memo. The memo is not found within this collection. Nicholas also comments on the health of Norton's son, John Hatley Norton.


Nicholas, Anne Cary, 1735-1786


John Norton and Sons Papers, MS 1936.3


Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation




Folder 44


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York Town July 22d. 1775


As the Association is now over, except as to Tea &c,
I must beg the favour of You to send me the few articles mention'd
in the inclos'd Memo. If you have not already bought the Bible
& Prayer Book Mr. Nicholas wrote for, I shall be much oblig'd
to You Sr. if You will be so kind as to choose them for me; I
wd. have them large, neatly bound, a good type printed on
good Paper with my name impress'd on the outside of each &
a loose cover of white sheep skin to draw over them.

I am sorry to be oblig'd to trouble You with complaints against
any of your Trades Men, but think it necessary, as 'tis impossible
You can see what they put up for Yr. correspondents; if I was
at Home I shd. look over the shop Notes that I might mention them
by name, but as it is, can only mention a few of the articles I
think they have done me injustice in; in the first place I must
take notice of a parcel of Pans wch I assure You I cou'd have
bought in a Milliner's Shop in Wmsbg. for a third of the price
wch they cost, besides the difference between ster. & Curr. Money;
in short Sr. that I may not take too much of Yr. time on this subject I
shall only mention that the Stays Bonnets &c have been very ill
bought & very ungenteel

Page 2

You'll observe in My Memo. a ps. of Muslin order'd, this is a con
siderable Article & shou'd be well chosen, be pleas'd to let the Person
who is to furnish it know, that I have several times had Muslin
sent me, wch from its bad quality, has been of little or no ser
-vice to me & I beg he will choose this with the utmost care, that
it may be fine & well wove, & not of that kind wch is apt to fray
I shou'd be much oblig'd to You Sr. if You'll have these things sent
by the first Opporty. I saw Mr. Norton Your Son yesterday &
had the pleasure to observe He looks much better than he
did sometime ago. Be pleas'd to give My Comts. to Yr. Lady,
& be assur'd, nobody more sincerely wishes for Yr. Health &
Happiness than Sr. Yr. Mo. Obedt. Hum. Servt.

Anne Nicholas

Address leaf

Mr. John Norton

by favour of
Capt. Goosley.

Virginia 22 July 1771
Ann Nicholas
Recd: 12 September
Goods Entd: pa 371

to be Sent P very first Opporty
Ansd by Letter to RCN
datd 12. Nov
P Capt Rusden

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Ink on paper




Nicholas, Anne Cary, 1735-1786, “Anne Nicholas letter to John Norton, 1771 July 22,” John Norton & Sons Papers, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, accessed January 15, 2019,